The End of Galactic Scrap Collector / by Richard Rudge

Today I posted the final page of GALACTIC SCRAP COLLECTOR, a science fiction tale that follows a working class family trying to survive underneath the shadow of galaxy spanning corporations. Which you can read yourself on tapastic here. From some rough calculations, it’s been about two years since I started, and an interesting ride all told.

My original intention for GSC was to follow Keira and her family as they did their job, lived their life, but in this bizarre and otherworldly setting, picture a kid riding with their dad as they do plumbing or maintenance work. But it morphed into something a little bigger. The context of the state of their society formed around them, the wild west of factions and corporations doing whatever they wanted in space, free of any kind of regulation. The same kind of freedom that let’s Keira and family survive day to day, but let’s larger forces dictate what happens on a galactic scale. It became a bigger adventure, where I could explore a topic just a little bit, Keira and her family being focal point, taken along for the ride.

Here’s some early sketches of Keira I dug out from the vault ( a fancy term for a folder on my computer ) The biggest difference is I removed her goggles as her character and job became a bit more defined, this original sketches are more of a post apocalyptic survivor type character. She became a little less raggidy.


GSC also started out in black and white, and a silly format, which I only changed to a standard comic format for the third (final) chapter. Which I think says a lot about my confidence in my own work since beginning the project. But it also brings a problem.

Here's some early work on colouring the first two chapters.

This blog post is called the END, but I want GSC to have a lasting permanence, and to do that I feel the first couple chapters need editing so they have some coherency with the later chapters. While not a total revamp, I’ll be do a lot of tweaking adjusting, adding a new panel here and there and absolutely adding colour to those first chapters. I’m proud of what I’ve made but can’t help see all the things I need to improve on.

After that It’s thinking about a physical copy and getting it on comixology and things like that, getting it to a wider audience than the fine folks who have been reading GSC so far. I’ll be doing editing updates on here as I go and try to give a rough timetable of when GSC will *actually* be finished.

But before looking to the future I want to say thank you to those who read GSC and have supported the comic up til now. That encouragement has been crucial to me being able to finish the story.