Starship ANTHOLOGY is looking for submissions! by Richard Rudge

Hey want to write or draw something for a comic anthology? Then let me introduce, STARSHIP ANTHOLOGY


An comic anthology series with a basic concept, a spaceship has to be included in some way in the story, the story can be about whatever you want with whatever topics you want to explore, barring any extreme and explicit violence and sexual content.

The aim is to have a collection of varied science fiction stories using the genre to it’s highest merits. Cool robots and big space battles are very cool, but I’d hope to have stories that explore ideas and thoughts as well as having cool sci-fi designs. Pair you’re awesome looking spaceship with some interesting metaphor or wider message.

This idea came from a story I wrote and drew in 2016 but didn’t do anything with.You can see story can be seen below. It needs colours and lettering, but it’s more or less encapsulates what I mean for what stories I want in this anthology. As you can see there’s a spaceship at the beginning and at the end, it’s important to the story but not the point of the story.

Length, Dimensions and Deadlines

In terms of length I think between 4-6 pages would be best, short stories that have enough time to make an impact, but have to be fairly efficient with it’s length. 

(( After a few inquires, I want to clarify that the page length is a pretty important requirement, while there can be some wiggle room, say 8 pages if those two pages are super necessary, but I can't be making exceptions for every entry and submitting something double the length of the page requirement is bordering on cheeky. ))

Now the important stuff, you own what you create, and can use it as you please outside this anthology. Put I’d appreciate a little mention of the anthology if you decide to publish it elsewhere.

For your comics, a strict adherence to a 240x157mm page size (otherwise known as UK Standard Size) which is just a tiny bit smaller than US Comic size. For final page submissions I’d want flattened Tiff files at a minimum of 300 dpi, CYMK colours. Should also mention it can be black and white if that’s something you want to do.

You can find helpful page templates from ComicPrintingUK if you want to be absolutely sure.

I’m using this size as a tiny money saving plan for if and when Starship Anthology goes into print. For now I’ll just be collecting them together on a website and a free PDF, but I’m following the methodology of “Video Games For Good” ( An anthology I was part of) and will be going to kickstarter with everyone who submits permission if anyone submits work at all haha.

For submissions, you can write and draw it all yourself or submit as a team it’s up to you. I will not however be teaming up artists and writers, that’s up to you. I Will certainly signal boost people who looking though.

(( As a second amendment, please don't include things you don't have permission to use, or if you want to do a clear parody of something, don't outright mention or use designs from the thing you're parodying, just to cover your backs and mine )) 

If you are looking for any criticism or help with your submission, the friendly folks involved in the #Comicbookhour community on twitter or will be happy to help if you ask nicely.

In terms of deadline, submissions will be open as of posting ( February 27, 2017 ) this and close roughly 6 months from now on August 27, 2017

Send your completed comic submissions to and find me on twitter @RLRudge if you have any questions.